Gail Carson-Webb, Psy.D.


Individual Counseling

People seek individual counseling for many reasons.  Usually, there is either a painful problem they want to resolve, or they are seeking increased personal growth, or both.  Some of the issues addressed in counseling include:

  • depressed mood
  • anxiety
  • desire to improve social confidence
  • desire to improve self-esteem
  • assertiveness training
  • management of life stresses
  • ongoing grief concerns
  • emotional issues related to end-of-life
  • caregiver stress and burnout

Individual counseling can also be used to deal with individual response to family stresses.  Dealing with the increasing autonomy of older teenagers, renegotiating rules and expectations, or facing conflicts with our adult family of origin--our sister, brother, parents or in-laws--can make or break the day-to-day quality of family life and can challenge the most insightful of adults.  Examples of problems that often require enhanced adjustment are:

  • setting boundaries with parents or in-laws
  • effective parenting of older teenagers
  • managing stress caused by conflict between older siblings
  • coping with family stress in the face of life changes and loss